Roland R. Kaunas
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office: 5020 ETB
Phone: 979-845-2412

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Dr. Roland R. Kaunas is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. His laboratory focuses on determining how stresses and strains are generated in cells in response to mechanical stimuli such as tensile stretch and fluid shear stress, and how these mechanical signals are transduced into intracellular signals leading to changes in cell behavior.

Past and current projects include studies on the role of cytoskeletal organization on mechanotransduction, the effects of flow on angiogenesis and lymphatic function, and the development of mechanosensitive engineered tissues.


Ph.D. Bioengineering U. of California-San Diego 2003
M.S. Biomedical Engineering Northwestern University 1997
B.S. Chemical Engineering U. of Wisconsin-Madison 1992
B.S. Chemistry U. of Wisconsin-Madison 1992